RedTree Deluxe Wedding PhotoBook

RedTree Deluxe Wedding PhotoBook


Easily the highest quality photo album ever made. RedTree products are well known among the wedding industry as the very best. 

  • Making memories last

    It is my pleasure to design for you a stunning presentation of your wedding photos. Having one on your coffee table will be a constant reminder of the love, joy, and celebration of your most special moments. Beautiful photos were made for an album like this, to take away the breath of you and yours.  Please view the video above for a better idea of the look and feel of a RedTree Deluxe Wedding Album.


    When you are ready to order just select the size, the cover material/color, and finally the number of spreads. Information on those elements can be found by clicking the photo below. As soon as you make your order I will contact you to get an idea of the design you are  looking for. We will talk about photo schemes as well as options like your names or wedding date on the cover. The album is designed by me and hand made by RedTree and it will take some time to complete, plan on 30-60 days.


    Please email me: with any questions, and I will quickly help you out! 

Album Cover Materials and Colors